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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Estates Gazette, Auctions Focus, 20 September 2014

Repossessed property: Why is there a shortage? Are other auction houses also seeing it? And what does it mean for the market? Reduced supply of repossessed property sold at auction causes values to reach a new high Comments/contacts by 5th September, please.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Estates Gazette - Industrial Focus, 4 October 2014

Brewing up trouble - Thwaites is the latest brewer to move to a new brewery. Carlsberg and Holstein have also moved in the Midlands. Breweries are choosing now to invest, but why? And how many more have yet to make a move?

Inland ports - A look at what inland ports are, and what they can and cannot do. What do developers think of them: will Doncaster and Daventry be the only ventures into this unusual, but in volume terms, very large, market?

Comments/contacts by 1 September 2014, please.

Estates Gazette - East of England, 27 September 2014

Lovely Ipswich waterfront. I used to be able to do an Ipswich accent once, but alas, no longer.
Think Ipswich - anyone with commercial property interests or plans, or thoughts about the future direction of big schemes, would be most welcome to comment or make contacyt.
By 1st September, please.

Estates Gazette - UK Cities Focus (co-ordinates with UK MIPIM) 11 October 2014

I'm interested in the investment story - which means people buying buildings, not foreign direct investment (FDI) - in Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol. Rather less keen on hearing the big sell than in hearing about the relative strengths and weaknesses of each location are, if you've £20-50m to put into an English regional city. Returns v risk v liquidity. That kind of thing. No doubt each location has its positives.
Comment or contacts from property investors, potential investors, those who advise them, those who sell to them or buy from them, most welcome by 26th August 2014, latest.

South West Business Insider - Office property, October 2014

In this feature we’ll look at the last year in the South West office market and look forward to what the next 12 months could hold in store. Who did the biggest deals, which are the hot sectors and areas?
What are the key trends to watch out for? Will we see more unloved and tired office converted to residential – and what will take the place of that old stock?
This feature will be a comprehensive review of what’s new on the market taking into account all of the region’s key centres
Comments and relevant contacts by 8th September, latest, please. 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Estates Gazette - Retail supplement - 15 February 2014

Welcome to 2014's golden trove of features. These three will all appear in the EG retail supplement on 15th February but will be written this week and next. So I'll need intelligent comment and useful contacts by 15th January at the absolute latest.

Opticians: A look at how the market is doing.

Store within a store: Costa is in Primark, Asda has McDonald’s and Subway, and Tescos has Harris + Hoole. How do they get the right fit? What kind of leases do they need? And what strange bedfellows could work together?

High street reviews: From Portas to Grimsey, a compare and contrast of the high street ‘saviours’ and their reports. Have any of them made any difference to struggling high streets?

Comments and contacts by 15th January 2014, latest. 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Manchester Evening News, Commercial Property feature, 24 October 2013

Here's the synopsis for the Manchester Evening News com prop feature published 24 October.

Deadline for useful comment or contacts is Wednesday am this week, 16th October.

* Manchester's commercial property market is back in action: according to Deloitte Real Estate hotels, housing and student flats are leading in the city centre. We look at the big developments in these sectors.

* Two wasted years. It looks like there will be no new office development completing in Manchester city centre in 2015 and 2016. We look at this yawning gap in supply - and ask with landlords, and which refurbishments, will fill try to fill it.

* Southern Fringe. With Airport City now beginning to feel like it's getting airborne, we look at the south Manchester business parks from Wimslow through Didsbury to Stockport and Cheadle. Who is scoring deals, and who is (cautiously) thinking of refurbishment or new developments.

* Could Manchester be on the brink of scoring major inward investment wins? Rumours about big corporations looking for office space in the city are circulating with increasing velocity - are they true? What kind of demand is there for Manchester office space?

* Life of leisure: Will the re-focusing of Spinningfield's towards leisure occupiers work? And what now for Great Northern now that it has changed hands in a £70m plus deal?

* Where there's a warehouse, there's a will. Demand for sheds has never been stronger - we look at the next wave of North West developments and deals, and ask when rents will begin to rise.