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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Forthcoming features, Manchester Evening News

Please note the changed dates for comment/submissions.

STOCKPORT REVIEW, deadline 7th April for comment/contacts

* What next for Stockport town centre now that Lend Lease has pulled out? An update on the Future Stockport project.

* Can Stockport's business parks win defectors from Manchester - and new occupiers from around the region?

* The latest on the town centre office market.

* Is Stockport making the most of its motorway links to attract industrial occupiers and warehouse operators? We profile deals and developments.

* Case studies of the latest deals & developments.

TRAFFORD PARK, 20th April deadline for comment/contacts

* Will the new hotel at the Trafford Centre mean a big boost to business? We look at the successful centre's prospects.

* Despite the gloom industrial lettings continue in Trafford Park - we ask who, where and why.

* We profile Trafford Park's most active developers and most successful landlords.

* Case studies of recent deals.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Urgent call for copy

Manchester Evening News, commercial property deals review - published Tuesday 24th March - being written today and tomorrow

Thoughts on the likely ups and downs of the commercial property market in Greater Manchester in the next six months very welcome. Try to find a new angle, if you can....

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Forthcoming work, Estates Gazette

London, City and Docklands Focus, 2nd May 2009
Agents and surveyors: who is making money in the recession, and who is suffering badly.
Comment/contacts by 3rd April, please.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Estates Gazette, Green supplement, 21 March 2009

Asset management: How important is it for asset managers to be clued up on sustainability?

Completing this feature today - 10th March 2009 - so hurry.....
Estates Gazette, Lancashire & Cumbria 18th April 2008

Deadline for comment/contacts: 25th March 2008

Thoughts on Preston tithebarn most welcome.

Also on tourism in Lancashire & Cumbria.

Forthcoming, March 2009

South West Business Insider
PROPERTY Industrial review, April 2009
Deadline for comment/contacts: Wednesday 11th March

Industrial space is still coming onto the market across the region, serving companies’ manufacturing, warehousing and distribution needs. So far it has held up better than some other commercial property markets.

Insider looks at the key schemes and how demand for them is holding up. It also takes a closer look at which firms specialise in developing industrial space and what their longer-term plans are in the light of current market conditions.

What is the nature of the industrial market just now for companies in the market to buy or lease? What is the demand – and who or what is driving it?

With the business owner front of mind, the piece will also talk to companies that are in the market to buy or lease industrial space. What are the drivers behind the decisions they take? How important is location – and are there any incentives on the table from the private or public sector to attract businesses? What other key issues come under consideration for companies ahead of signing on a lease or freehold purchase?

Forthcoming, March 2009

Manchester Evening News
Deadline for comment/conctacts: 17th March 2009

Once again the Manchester Evening News takes a close look at a year of commercial property dealmaking. Although the last 12 months will go down on record as some of the hardest yet, for cash-rich private investors - and for businesses looking to cut their property costs - it was a good time to buy or sign leases. We look at the deals that got done, the deals that got away, and the prospects for the rest of the year.

* Case studies of major deals in the investment, office, retail, industrial and leisure sectors across Greater Manchester.

* Analysis of deals data - who were the big deal makers of 2008?

* Profiles of the landlords who lead the market.

* Prospects for the year ahead.

Forthcoming, March 2009

Forthcoming features, in no particular order:

Manchester Evening News
Deadline for comment/contacts: 17 March

* Trafford Park: is it still Greater Manchester's industrial powerhouse?

* Preparing for take-off: how the Airport is helping south Manchester's economy and property markets: we look at deals, developments and occupiers.

* Kingsway: a profile of the latest developments at the mighty Kingsway site, Rochdale.

* Unlocking the quays: can Salford provide cost-effective office space to cost-conscious occupiers?

* Big deals: a look at some of the major corporations circling Manchester looking for office or warehouse space. Who will land where? How long will we have to wait for the big deals to complete?

* Bury is seeing new retail development, Bolton huge investment in education: can these projects help to recession-proof the two towns? We look at projects and prospects.

* How has the city-region's economy survived the recession so far? Is Greater Manchester proving more resilient that Greater London?

* The latest on Stockport's ambitions town centre redevelopment plans.

* Can Ashton continue to grow? We look at the options.

* Case studies of deals and developments.

* Profiles of major players.

Manchester Evening News
Deadline for comment/contacts: TODAY

* A look at the big mixed use developments now underway in Greater Manchester: including a look at progress at Bury's The Rock.

* Can mixed use pay? We ask if mixed use has a future now that residential development has become less profitable.

* Centres of Excellence. We look at mixed use projects in Greater Manchester's town centres.

* Case studies of the latest deals and developments.