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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Estates Gazette: Thames Valley

Berkshire/Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire: a lot of office space is coming onto the market as companies merge, or shed workers. The Thames Valley isn't used to this kind of thing - are occupiers picking up bargains? Are landlords in despair? Feature will focus on occupiers, I hope.
Comment/contacts by 8th June latest, please.

Estates Gazette: Leisure supplement

Hotels and stadia/stadiums - how well do they work together? Who is developer what and why?
Published in Estates Gazette's forthcoming leisure supplement.
Comment/contacts by 8th June 2009, please.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Forthcoming features... Manchester Evening News

Manchester Evening News
published 4th June, deadline for comment/contacts 28 May

* Has the logistics business weathered the worst of the economic storm - or is there more to come - and what will be the consequences for the North West's warehouses?

* Motorway Days - a look at warehouse development prospects along the region's motorway corridors.

* Big or Small. What sizes and styles of warehouse will be needed in the North West in the coming 36 to 48 months? Is anyone building them?

* Secondhand isn't second best. We look at the market for second-hand warehouses and distribution facilities.

* Case studies of major deals and developments.

Manchester Evening News
published 25th June, deadline for comment/contacts 17 June

* Whitehall of the North. Can Manchester become the biggest public sector office location outside London?

* Is the city centre heading for over supply of office space - and will rents fall as a result?

* Are Manchester's big office landlords adapting well to a tough credit-crunched market?

* Bargains to be had. Are there bargains to be had for office occupiers with the nose to hunt them out?

* Refurbishment. Will refurbished offices become the main source of new office space in the next three years?

* We look at the industries and business groups who are continuing - despite recessionary gloom - to sign up for new office space in the city centre and the out-of-town business parks.

* Case studies of major deals and developments.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


South West Business Insider
Still looking for comment/contacts on commercial developers in the South West - who is thriving, who just surviving? Why are some doing so much better than others? Your thoughts by first thing Thursday morning, 14th May.

Forthcoming feature....

Farmers Weekly
The prospects for county council-owned farms - and their tenants. County councils own large agricultural estates, originally intended (like council housing) to help people with limited capital. Many councils are now selling or running down their agricultural estates - others are more positive. Like to talk to tenants, new owners, councils, rural practise surveyors.... contacts/comment welcome by 8 June, latest.

Forthcoming features...

Estates Gazette
Merseyside feature, published late June 2009
Contacts/comment on retailing in Merseyside most welcome by 26th May, please.
The fortunes of shopping centres - old, new and projected -are of particular interest.