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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Estates Gazette retail supplement, 14 November 2009

After the freeze - Now the chill hand of Icelandic investment has been lifted from some - but not all - of the fascias the Icelandic investors once controlled, what changes has it meant, and what will they mean for the high street?

VAT With VAT going back up at the end of the year, how will this affect what little improvement there has been in some sectors of the retail world?

Comments/contacts by 28th September, please.

Manchester Evening News - PFI/PPP feature 24th September 2009

As predicted, a PFI/PPP feature will run in the Manchester Evening News on 24th September. I'm interest in any aspect of PPP and PFI - particularly:

* how well these forms of public procurement will survive a public spending squeeze - is PFI/PPP going to be winners?

* has LIFT done the heaving lifting? We look at ppp/pfi projects in the health sector.

* how much has been learned in the PFI/PPP projects at the North West's schools?

* Latest trends in PFI/PPP - which sectors are receiving attention? what new contract models are finding favour?

* case studies of the latest PFI/PPP projects and previews of those to come

Comment/contacts to me by 14th September, please.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Estates Gazette, Ireland Focus September 2009

Estates Gazette Ireland Focus, published 26 September 2009
Deadline for comment/contact 24 August 2009
Two features: 1. National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) - Analysis of the implications for the market
2. Developers – Who is best placed to ride out the storm?

Estates Gazette: Manchester update feature

Estates Gazette, Manchester update published 12 September 2009
Retail and Leisure in the city centre: why is some of it working (despite obvious problems), why some of it isn't, and why some much-trailed schemes seem to have ground to a halt (despite pre-lets).
Comment/contacts welcome by 17th August 2009.

Manchester Evening News September 2009 features

South Manchester, published 24th September 2009
Deadline for comment/contacts 17 September

* Back in business? Companies are once again turning to south Manchester for modern, good value office space. We look at the new arrivals - and the requirements in prospect.

* Media, telecoms and technology. Once the mainstay of south Manchester, the dotcom crash cut the media, telecoms and technology sector down to size. Today they are still one of the area's biggest businesses - and growing once again. We explore this market.

* Industrial. Can Wythenshawe and the other south Manchester industrial locations take advantage of recession?

* Office property deals and developments in South Manchester analysed.

* Cheshire Set. How are the Cheshire towns - Wilmslow, Knutsford, Macclesfield - capitalising on their appeal to office occupiers?

* Business parks. We look at the deals - and the deal-makers - who are setting the business parks to work.

Sheds Review, published 10th September 2009
Deadline for comment/contacts 3rd September

* Motorway madness. Are the big motorway-junction related deals now satisfied - or are their more monster requirements still out there? We look at the changing face of the north west distribution sector.

* Lancashire hot spot. Deals and developments along the important Lancashire section of the M6 motorway corridor.

* Southern success. Do challengers from the south of Manchester - particularly Crewe and Stoke - present real competition for warehouse and factory locations in Greater Manchester? We investigate.

* Case studies of major deals and developments around the region.

* Are manufacturers back in the market for improved business space? We find out.