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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

South West Business Insider - Bristol feature March 2010

Feature on the Bristol commercial property scene - offices, mostly - looking at new deals, occupiers circling the market, who is sniffing what.... Comment/contacts by 8th February, latest please. This is to appear in the March 2010 edition.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Manchester Evening News - Industrial property feature February 11th 2010

Comments/contacts by 3rd February, please:

* Rents. Will they go up or down in 2010?
* Trafford park: how the world's oldest industrial estate is coping in the 21st century
* East Manchester: from Oldham through to Tameside to Stockport, the latest from the fastest-growing industrial property scene in the North West
* workshops: small spaces for small business, we look at what's on offer and what new units are being built
* Distribution: big warehouse have been securing big deals. We look at the most recent massive signings and ask where the next big logistics transactions will come from
* Cheshire: Crewe and Middlewich have become important focii for factory and warehouse occupiers. We analyse the county's property market
* Case studies of the latest deals and developments

Comments/contacts by 3rd February, please:

Thursday, 14 January 2010

North West Business Insider - rating and revaluation

The impact of the April 1st rating revaluation and how property occupiers can (or should) re-act. Comment and contacts please by Monday 18th January 2010.

Estates Gazette, London feature, March 2010

I'm interested in what overseas investors, particularly soveriegn wealth funds, are up to - and how new niche agencies are fairing. Comments/contacts by 1st February 2010, please.

Estates Gazette, MIPIM feature March 2010

Two stories: one a preview of the big talking points - and big events - of this year's MIPIM convention in Cannes; the second a look at UK property folk choosing to live and work abroad - are they fleeing the recession, are there more opportunities overseas, what is it like? Comments and contacts by 27th January 2010, latest.