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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Manchester Evening News, Employment law 8th April 2010

THE social networking phenomenon is sweeping the workplace but it seems that employers are putting themselves at risk of abuse from employees in terms of the amount of time spent on such sites or from posting inappropriate comments about the company or colleagues on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Indeed, a recent survey found that four out of five employers in the north west did not have a social networking policy at work. The M.E.N employment law review will look at how employers can protect themselves by implementing a policy as well as looking at the issue of using social networking sites as a tool for vetting job applicants.

As news recently broke about alleged bullying at No 10, the review will also look at bullying in the workplace and what steps employers need to take to prevent it happening.

Finally, the review will look at 'toilet breaks' in the workplace as union leaders call on firms to give proper lavatory breaks to their staff after revealing that some workers are not suppose to go to the toilet during their shifts.

Comments/contacts by 30th March, please.

Estates Gazette, North East May 2010

Thornaby Centre, Stockton-on-Tees - and Stockton-ish issues generally. Comment/contacts by 29th March, please.

South West Business Insider, May 2010

Serviced offices in the south-west - prices going up as supply goes down? Still a wise choice for credit-crunched busineses? We investigate. Comment/contacts by 6th April, please.

Estates Gazette East Midlands May 2010

I'm interested in plans for Northamptonshire. Comments/contacts by 7th April, please.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Estates Gazette Retail, 1st May 2010

Three features:

Landlords fight back – Retailers, who quit leases because of the recession, are now returning to towns they had left, but to different premises. But what are the implications for the market and in particular landlords?

DIY – An examination of the changes in the market.

Finance – This recession, retailers have faced failed IPOs, sell-offs and financial changes, but what do the ups and downs of the Stock Exchange mean for the sales floor?

Comment/contacts for all three by 1st April, latest, please.