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Thursday, 29 April 2010

South West Business Insider, May 2010

Relocation feature: should we stay or should we go? Issues businesses in the South West should consider when deciding whether (or not) to move premises. Contacts/comments by 5th May lateast, please.

Estates Gazette - Offices supplement, 22 May 2010

Supermarkets get into office development.... who, where and with what consequences. Comment/contacts by Friday 30th April latest, please.

Health Focus, Manchester Evening News 13th May

Focus on Healthcare in the business pages of the Manchester Evening News - to be published 13th May 2010 but the deadline for comment/contacts is 4th May.

* Health and the law..... from a proposed 0 per cent limit on blood-alcohol for drivers, to clarifications on the law of assisted suicide, the law is stepping into the world of health more often than ever. We talk to Manchester's experts.

* Health body, healthy mind.... health issues in the workplace, particularly stress and long-term illnesses like depression, can prove difficult both for sufferers and their employers. We look at the issues and talk to the experts.

* Latest developments in private health insurance.

* Development of new primary care and hospital facilities in Greater Manchester - what has been done so far, and what is still to be built.

* Nuring homes - an opportunity to combine business and care? We talk to local nursing home owners and operators, and their advisors.

Annual Law Review, Manchester Evening News 20th May 2010

Once again - is this the fifteenth year - it's time for the M.E.N. annual law review. Published 20th May but deadline for comment/contacts is 10th May.


* Making the law pay: which firms made money when the sun was shining, who continued to make money when the recessionary rain was pouring? Unique analysis of the performance of Manchester's multi-million pound legal services sector over the last 12 months

* Profile of a major figure in the city's legal world

* Manchester's Got (Legal) Talent.... we go talent spotting among Manchester's young lawyers.

* Words cost lives.... with libel law in the spot light after the Simon Singh case and a series of high profile actions, we look at government plans to re-think the libel law, talk to the city's libel specialists, and ask whether a day in court is ever a good idea except for the lawyers?

* Spring growth.... we look at expanding areas of the law. What will be the next big areas for legal business?

* Banking litigation... complaints about credit card charges are but the tip of the banking litigation iceberg. We look at this large area of legal practise, its pitfalls and its prospects.

* Administration.... how Manchester's legal business has coped with the spate of administrations and insolvencies caused by the recession.

* Happy families .... we look at Manchester's thriving family law sector.

* Down on the shop floor.... how employment law is adapting.