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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Estates Gazette - Centre Retailing 30th October 2010

A look at historic centres where there is only so much developers can do – for example, Bath, Oxford, Chester, York, Durham.
Comment/contacts by 15th September, please

Estates Gazette, Bucks, Berks, Oxford - published 2 October

Development - who is really going to do what?
Comment/contacts by 6th September, please.

South West Business Insider, October 2010 edition

Two features:
a) property investment in the south west - big and booming or small and shrivelled? Who is buying what, from whom, paying how much - and will they still be doing it next year?
b) the best, the newest, the highest-spec office space in the south west - what is already built, what is coming, and who is going to occupy it?
comments/contacts by 6th September, please

Estates Gazette, East Midlands - published 9th October 2010

A feature on the region's big retail schemes. Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, you know the form.
Comment/contacts by 13th September latest, please.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

EG Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk 18 September 2010

I'm interested in Ipswich - whats happening, whats not - and the region's residential sector - again, what is in the pipeline.
Comments/contacts by 23 August latest, please.

27th October 2010....

Those perverse folk determined to see me in the flesh - rather than email or telephone encounters - can come and hear me release a few years of frustration at an event in Hereford on 27th October. It is organised by the splendid Hereford Civic Society.

I'm talking on "The Regeneration Game" with the sub-title "how urban and rural regeneraiton works and whether it makes economic sense."

So if you'd like your prejudices challenged (or your heretical views confirmed) please feel free to come along and heckle, or applaud, as the spirit moves you.

Having delivered myself of some hot air I will lapse into another 20 years of silence....

The venue is the Kindle Centre, Hereford, start time is 7.30, and all are welcome. Admission is free.

Link for the event:

Hereford Civic Society can be found at

Estates Gazette, South West Focus, September 2010

A feature on the role of the public sector: cuts will mean what for the region's property - will anyone miss the quangos that get cut?
Deadline for comment/contacts is 10 August, please.

EStates Gazette, Manchester published September 2010

Two features:


Public sector

Deadline for comment/contacts for both is 13th August.