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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Estates Gazette, Shropshire & Staffordshire 16 July 2011

Thoughts on retail in Shropshire and Staffordshire, and on the big looming developments. Comments/contacts by 20 June, please. The hideous beast on the left is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Vile. I mean who would want to live with such a thing? Give me a cat anyday.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

South West Business Insider, July 2011 issue

Two features this month.

1. Plannning

The Localism and Decentralisation Bill is set to transform the way in
which devleopers engage with communities. Listening, rather than
talking, will now be an important part of the process when seeking to
secure planning permission.

What will the bill mean to planning? Will it be, as some fear, a Nimbys'
charter to block proposals? Or will it usher in planning process that's
better than the current centralised model?

The month Insider talks to the experts and stakeholders about the bill
and what it means.

2. Freehold opportunities

Most businesses lease the premises they occupy. In many case it provides
the flexibility a company needs to fit the needs of the business to the
space it requires.

But sometimes a freehold will make more sense. This month Insider
explores the arguments for buying the freehold of a building, and the
practicalities, too.

Comments/contacts for either/both by 13th June 2011, please.

Estates Gazette, Leisure Supplement July 2011

It's all about tortillas.... or is it? Mexican wave – Mexican chains have become the latest popular phenomenon, following the likes of Japanese and the short-lived Soup revolution. But, how can we spot the next ‘big thing’, and are we running out of concepts? What do these chains want - their property requirements? What demographic do they need? Have they a hope in richly-flavoured hell of surviving?
Comment/contacts by 27 June 2011, latest please.