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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

South West Business Insider, December 2011

Three features, comment/contacts by Friday 11th at the latest, please.

1. Small is beautiful
Taking office space isn’t always about the glory HQ building, so this month Insider will look at things from the other end of the telescope and run the rule over the smaller end of the office market. There are plenty of companies out there who want the best possible office space – but not much of it. What are their options and what is the market like for smaller lettings?

2. Dilapidations
As 2011 draws to a close, dilapidations is a hot issue. In the current climate, with lettings more difficult to achieve, occupiers are facing significant claims from landlords at lease expiry who are seeking to minimise the impact of a departure and maximise money paid in damages to repair their property. Seen from the landlords’ perspective, the concerns are real, too: that buildings are returned at lease expiry in compliance with the lease requirements, and that sufficient money is paid for damages to cover the works required. With the two sides potentially at loggerheads, what’s the best way forward? This month Insider will report back from the leasehold front-line.

3. Architects review
The region’s architects play a key role in shaping the region’s towns and cities, developing residential and commercial space to boost the South West’s liveability and economic vitality.This month Insider takes a closer look at the key players across the South West. Who are the big guns in particular parts of the region – and which can claim to have carved out specialist niches? The feature will also look at the growing importance of sustainable design to the practice of the region’s architects.