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Friday, 30 March 2012

South West Business Insider, May 2012 - Serviced offices feature

Time was when people regarded serviced offices as being purely occupied by one-man bands, or at the outside, those companies with a handful of people. But times change and these are busy times for serviced office operators.

We’ll be looking at “the third space” – companies taking serviced space to run along home working and the conventional office as people get used to the idea of mobile working.

There’s also the wave of start-ups triggered by the economic downturn and the subsequent redundancy programmes introduced in the public sector and large financial and professional firms - has this fuelled a mini-boom in serviced office take-up and who are the providers meeting the market’s needs?

For many reasons, some companies aren’t keen on committing to conventional leases – this piece will profile some of the serviced space up for grabs in the region’s key property markets.

Comment/contacts by 10 April 2012, please.

ShD Magazine, May 2012

ShD (Supply, Handling & Distribution) - a magazine for logistics folk.

Two features - one is a regional focus on the warehouse and distribution market in the M4 corridor and South Wales.

The other is thinking about the big supermarket's warehousing plans.

Comment/contacts by 11 April 2012, please.

EG Retail, 19 May 2012

Two features for the Estates Gazette Retail supplement in May.

Furniture –Who is surviving and who is not, both on the high street and the internet?

US v UK internet shopping – Who is doing it better? And what lessons can the UK learn?

Comment/contacts by 16th April 2012, please.