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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Farmers Weekly - June 2012

Country pubs that succeed....

Rural pubs are closing - the atmosphere, the customer base, the demographics and the economics all counting against them. But some are thriving by finding new ways to do business. Goodbye old hops-round-the-bar boozers, hello something quite different?

Sources with good strong contacts in the licensed trade, or rural business, most welcome. By 14 May 2012, at the latest please.

South West Business Insider, June 2012

Two features, comment/contacts needed by 9th May 2012, latest.

The links between education and business are becoming ever closer and if a town or city is to be regarded as a serious inward investment location, it needs a commercially tuned-in university – preferably one with a well-regarded MBA programme. This feature will be a comprehensive guide to MBAs in the South West - what is available, where, for how much and what the strong points of each are. This is a chance for the South West institutions that provide MBA courses to make their case. We’ll also be looking at the value of an MBA – it’s a major commitment for any individual, but is it worthwhile? We want those who’ve been through it to tell us their stories. How do MBAs stack up compared to other educational choices – is it more cost-effective to focus on areas of most relevance rather than the wide coverage provided by an MBA?

With landlords desperate to fill their buildings, now could be a good time to take the plunge and relocate your business. What are the key things to bear in mind? This feature will be a comprehensive report on all facets of relocation. When do you start looking and what are the legal issues around serving notice? Is a move a good chance to overhaul your branding and strengthen your company culture – and what will that cost? With a blank sheet of paper, can you make people or departments work together more effectively ? What are the design trends to be aware of and can technology help you become more efficient while remaining affordable? We want to hear from workplace designers, technology providers, property agents and leaders of businesses with experiences of undertaking a move – what tips can they pass on?

Greater Manchester Business Week, May 2012

Here's the synopsis for the forthcoming Manchester Evening News
commercial property feature, comment/contacts by Tuesday 1st May at the
latest please:

As the UK economy flat-lines, we look at trends in the city's
billion-pound commercial property market.

* A look at the big deals and developments which will change Manchester
city centre this year.

* Shop till you drop. How shopping centres and high streets around
Greater Manchester are adapting.

* Regeneration Game. We look at the big projects to survive the spending
cuts, including Airport City and redevelopment in Stockport.

* Big sheds. Following the sale of Segro's Trafford Park and Heywood
Distribution Park, analysis of deals and developments in the industrial
and warehouse sector.

* Big Spenders. Commercial property investment has rarely been more
popular - who is spending and where.

* Case studies on the people and places making today's commercial
property scene.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Estates Gazette - London Focus - 9 June 2012

Thoughts on Lewisham, where big regeneration projects have been brewing.

Comment/contacts by 14th May, 2012, at the latest please.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

North West Business Insider - June 2012 - Property Finance

Obtaining finance for property is tough. Banks seem reluctant, and people talk all too often of a subdued market. But there has been some movement towards new structures of funding in some areas of the property market – from pension funds and the bond market, for example.

Following Insider’s Business of Social Housing conference in March, which highlighted the need for providers to seek new forms of finance, we will explore where else innovation is coming into what is currently a flat sector.

Where do the opportunities lie for sovereign wealth funds, for example, and other investors who want a place for their cash? We’ll assess how the sector can innovate, and how much its hands are tied towards traditional lending avenues.

Comment/contacts from banks, other lenders, borrowers and well-placed intermediaries by 10 May, please.

Estates Gazette - Ireland Focus, 2nd June 2012

Thoughts on the Irish retail scene - who is prospering, who is not - most welcome. Seems some chains (Smyths Toys) are taking advantage of the opportunity to expand overseas - who else is thinking big(ger)?

Also thoughts on NAMA, which is currently facing some interesting legal challenges.

Comments/contacts by 4 May, 2012, latest.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Manchester Evening News - Business Week - 10 May 2012

Greater Manchester's commercial property market: a poor end to 2011 and a weak start of 2012 - but there are signs of improvement. As we head towards half-year figures we assess the Greater Manchester office, industrial, retail and leisure scenes.
A more detailed synopsis follows.
Comment/contacts by 31 April 2012, please.