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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

South West Business Insider, October 2012

Lots more of this

A feature for SWBI on where local councils are going to put all those zillions of new homes.

Like the weather, the ups and downs of the housing market are a permanent source of angst and fascination to the average Brit. Insider’s 2012 Resi Report will look to go beyond the tabloid scare stories and speak to the people in the know about the underlying trends and movements that will shape the South West housing market – and thus the region’s long-term economic development – over the coming years.

Why was the July decision by the Secretary of State to approve nearly 1,000 homes in Gloucestershire so important? If “Localism” is now in play, what does that mean for development across the region? Is caution still ruling the day, even among the PLC housebuilders? Where are the likely hotspots for new development? 

Comment/contact from people with a strong local connection in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, the Bristol/Bath areas, Dorset, Gloucestershire Swindon and Wiltshire all very welcome. By 5th September, please.

Monday, 13 August 2012

4 million words and counting....

Time does fly, and this month marks the 25th anniversary of my career (if that's what it is) in writing: a quick calculation reveals, more or less accurately, that I've clocked up at least 4 million words in print. Most of them spelled correctly.

Thank you to the many editors, long-suffering sub-editors (it's our little secret how much suffering you have endured), art and picture desks a plenty, and the readers, of course, without whom....

Here's the latest offering - on now to the next 4 million: Country pubs - Farmers Weekly

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Estates Gazette - Canary Wharf - 22nd September 2012

As part of the EG London Focus published on 22nd September, a feature on Canary Wharf, looking at market conditions and potential across all sectors.

Comment/contact from people with a strong relevant interest most welcome by 20th August 2012, please.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

South Westerlies blowing in.....

Two features - one for Estates Gazette, published 15th September, the other for South West Business Insider, published early September - on the south west's property market.

I'm interested in the big developers for EG and in the office market outside Bristol for SWBI.
August has set in with its usual severity

Comment/contacts for SWBI by Thursday this week, 9th August, please.

Comment/contacts for EG by Monday 20th August, please.

Estates Gazette - Industrial property feature, 15 September 2012

Two features for the 15th September issue of Estates Gazette: 
Click & Collect - How is the rise of click & collect affecting the logistics network?
 NPPFA look at what impact the National Planning Policy Framework is having on the sector.
 Comments/contacts most welcome from people with interesting relevant connections, by 27th August at the latest, please.