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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Estates Gazette - Leisure feature - 24 November 2012

The UK hotel sector has had a bumpy year - google Travelodge for horrific details - but will 2013 be any better? We examine those untidy rooms.....

Comment/contact from hotel operators, their landlords, their advisors and analysts with a keen view, all most welcome by 5th November 2012, please.

Estates Gazette - Scotland, 24 November 2012

Scottish property investment scene examined - buyers, sellers, intermediaries, financiers, comment and contact from any of you is most welcome by 29th October, please.

South West Business Insider - Architects and Design feature, December 2012

Flexibility has been the name of the game for architects over the last five years -  with domestic large-scale commercial work drying up, architects have had to travel further and take on increasingly diverse work to stay in the game. At first, it was ‘you have to be in education’ then ‘you need a Middle East angle’.
Across the South West, there have been firms overcoming the worst the downturn has had to throw at it, going from strength to strength. For this feature, we’ll be speaking to those regional practices who’ve survived and thrived – what have they done to stay ahead of the pack? Where is demand for their services coming from? With new development scarce and plenty of old stock needing a new look, what will the future hold for development in our cities?

Comments/contacts welcome by 5th November 2012, please.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Greater Manchester Business Week - 8 November 2012

Greater Manchester Business Week's annual analysis of Greater Manchester's multi-billion pound commercial property market.

Manchester's property scene is already the largest outside London - and one of the busiest in Europe - but has it been marking time in 2012? And will it grow in 2013?

We look at the main markets in the city centre and out-of-town to assess progress in the retail, office, industrial and leisure markets - and the prospects for 2013.

The feature will include:

* Case studies of the major deals and developments of 2012.

* What to look out for in 2013 and predictions for the coming year.

* Analysis from leading surveyors, lawyers, financiers, occupiers, landlords and investors.

COMMENT/CONTACTS BY 29 OCTOBER 2012, please. It's published on 8th November.

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Big Supermarkets - ShD Logistics magazine - November 2012

Tesco's surprise profits turnaround shows how the supermarkets have to keep their costs under control: have they lost their grip on their logistics and warehouse costs? We investigate. Comment/contact very welcome by 12 October, please.

Estates Gazette - North West Focus, 10 November 2012

Think big Manchester regeneration projects, and think speculative office schemes around the North West. Comments and contacts on either or both most welcome by 15th October, latest.

Estates Gazette - South Wales - 17 November 2012

We're thinking about Swansea city centre and what big developments will (or will not) be happening. Will it get the flashy new stores it needs to counter its reputation as Discount City UK?
Comment/contact most welcome by 22nd October, please.