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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Estates Gazette - London

I'm thinking about the TMT sector - telecoms, media, technology - and the splendid Clerkenwell renaissance. I'd very much like to talk to TMT occupiers who've either:
* recently moved, or
* plan to move, or
* decided not to move office.
This is for a feature in Estates Gazette.
By 21 January 2013, please.
I thank you.

NW Business Insider - TMT sector

A feature for the February 2013 issue of North West Business Insider:

The key urban centres of the North West are driving forward with the growth of their creative industries, and the region seeks to address the future demand for digital businesses and products.

In turn this is creating a need for bespoke commercial property that provides connectivity, flexibility and good value. We all know about MediaCity, the Sharp Project, and to a lesser extent Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, but where are the other up and coming clusters in the North West and who are the companies based these locations?

Comment/contact from relevant souls by 9th January 2013, please.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Estates Gazette - Surrey, Sussex, Kent - 2 February 2013

Two features - one on retail and Surrey, Sussex and Kent and the other on leisure in the same area. Interesting contacts and comments most welcome by 7th January 2013, which is sooner than you think.

ShD Logistics - Health, beauty, cosmetics warehousing - January 2013

Here's a novel one: the business of "self-actualisation" is dominating retail - and that means more warehousing. We're thinking health, beauty, cosmetics - what are the needs of the big players, what warehousing has been let to whom. Think Boots, think the health businesses, think slap. Comments/contacts most welcome by 11th December 2012, please.

Estates Gazette - Essex feature - 18th January 2013

I'm interested in Essex's important transport infrastructure - ports, rail, road - and the developments that hinge on them. Relevant contacts or comments welcome by 12th December 2012, latest.