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Monday, 18 February 2013

South West Business Insider - Logistics & Industrial Property - April 2013

The warehouse and shed scene in the South West: who is moving where, why and when - and what is driving the region's warehouse market?
Comments/contacts by 11 March 2013, please.
Published in the April 2013 edition.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Estates Gazette - Hampshire & Dorset - Regeneration - 30 March 2013

We're thinking of the twin counties' big regeneration projects - North Downs and South Coast.

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North West Business Insider - April 2013 - Property - Project update

Insider will run the rule through the North West property development sector, updating readers on key developments across the region. With new build subject to heavy pre-let agreements, and finance remaining tight in the sector, we’ll aim to understand how some of the bigger sites are moving forward.

Where are the big projects? What stages are they at? And what are the prospects for those big names that have always promised a lot, but delivered much less?

Comments/contacts by 4th March, please.

Estates Gazette - Africa - 23 March 2013

It is viewed as one of the last untapped markets. Is now the time for UK companies to consider setting up in the continent to make sure they don’t miss the boat?
Comment/contacts by 25 February 2013, please.

Estates Gazette - Green features - 16 March 2013

The economics of onshore wind farms - from the point of view of landowners considering them. quite simply, does it pay? Is it worth the hassle? Can wind turbines huge subsidies be maintained - especially if the political wind is blowing in the other direction?
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